Countdown of history's bloodiest chapters.

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Humanity's 100 deadliest achievements

29. Gladiatorial Games (Rome: 264 BCE-435 CE)

Death Toll: 3.5 million

We who are about to die salute you.

28. Hundred Years War (1337-1453)

Death Toll: 3.5 million

English kings claim the French throne for themselves.

27. Second Congo War (1998-2002)

Death Toll: 3.8 million

Rwanda and Uganda chase rebels into Congo.

26. Napoleonic Wars (1792-1815)

Death Toll: 4.0 million

One man versus the World.

25. Three Kingdoms (China: 189-280)

Death Toll: 4.1 million

Things fall apart. The center does not hold.

24. Vietnam War (1960-1975)

Death Toll: 4.2 million

If we let one country go Communist, they all will.

23. Aurangzeb (1681-1707)

Death Toll: 4.6 million


22. Time of Troubles (Russia 1598-1613)

Death Toll: 5 million

For awhile it seemed like everyone in Russia was claiming to be the missing Prince Dmitri.

21. The Mahdi (Sudan 1881-98 )

Death Toll: 5.5 million

A Muslim messiah appeared in the deserts along the upriver Nile.

20. Chinese Civil Wars (1927-37, 1946-49)

Death Toll: 7 million

After the monarchy fell, Communists, Nationalists and multiple warlords tried to sort out who was in charge.

19. Fall of Rome (Europe 395-455)

Death Toll: 7 million

The end of civilization as we knew it.


18. Fall of the Yuan Dynasty (China 1358)

Death Toll: 7.5 million

Native Chinese threw out their Mongol overlords

17. Thirty Years War (Germany 1618-1648)

Death Toll: 7.5 million

Catholics and Protestants fought over control of Germany.

16. Russian Civil War (1918-22)

Death Toll: 9 million

Like matter and antimatter, Communists and anti-Communists annihilated one another.

15. Congo Free State (1886-1908)

Death Toll: 10 million

The heart of darkness.

14. Xin Dynasty (China 9-24)

Death Toll: 10 million

China falls apart under a usurper.

13. An Lushan Revolt (China 755-763)

Death Toll: 13 million

The frontier army of China turned against the central government.

12. Conquest of the Americas (after 1492)

Death Toll: 15 million

A wonderful New World, free for the taking... well, almost free for the taking...

11. First World War (Europe 1914-18)

Death Toll: 15 million

Everyone in Europe fought a war to keep everyone else in Europe from getting too powerful.

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